The spirit of enterprise: dedication, loyalty, innovation, service

    Enterprise purpose: saving, sustainable development, welfare staff

    Employing the concept: Ningquewulan, ability and political integrity, meritocracy

    Working principles: 
    One thousand reasons for action, there is no excuse


    No best but only better !

    On products, ShowPal has 23 years of production & customized  experience, the company specializes in Display Products, plexiglass products, acrylic crafts, picture frames, acrylic,metal,glass,wood structure display stand, display cabinets,display windows,etc.


    To be a enterprises that staffs liked, customers satisfied and profitable for company, creating value for consumers and contributing to economic development of society. This is deeply rooted enterprise culture of ShowPal Display.
    ★ Empathy - respect the user, think about things in clients’ shoes,
    ★ Honesty - polite, enthusiastic, meticulous and patient to the clients, fully embodies the clients care;
    ★ Regularly visit – take suggestion of clients, listen to the clients, Guarantee 100% satisfaction of the clients.


    Do the best acrylic products and display products,to create a better life!

    Become the industry brand in the acrylic display industry!